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At Barrow Hill we offer a part-time Nuture Curriculum for Key Stage 2 students. The students are dual registered, attending their Primary School in the morning and our Barrow Hill site in the afternoon, for 4 afternoons a week.
The students follow a nuture programme which is largely based around play and creativity within a relaxed and safe environment; the nuture programme is used as a strategy to prevent permanent exclusion, focusing on respite, social development and interaction.
Owing to its nature, the nuture curriculum does not follow a prescribed curriculum, nor does it support the curriculum of the child's school. Students learn to develop their social skills through thematic activities.
The nuture programme is divided into 9 distinct parts:
1. Register 
2. Good News 
3. Work and Make
4. First Task
5. Second Task
6. Story
7. Circle Time
8. Drink and Snack
9. Book Time
All students have an Individual Target, based around their own needs.
students are organised, are required to listen carefully 
students listen to good news about themselves and others
students listen to, and follow, instructions to complete creative tasks
students complete independent tasks
students engage in play activities
students listen to, and engage with a book
students engage in circle time
students use their social skills to interact and share
students work individually in their book

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