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KS2 Curriculum - Nurture

KS2 Intent

KS2 Implementation

KS2 Impact

Pupils are successfully reintegrated into their mainstream school and regulate their behaviour, avoiding permanent exclusion.

Local skills are supported to reintegrate and maintain positive behaviour, and the strategies used by NEDSC become practice in the mainstream school.

  • A nurture curriculum, based upon the principles of play, communication and social development

  • Underpinned by the work of Boxall, and using the Boxall profile to inform the stages of development for individual pupils

To specifically focus on helping young people to build core social skills and regulate their behaviour. 

The Nurture programme is a 6 (2 terms) month dual-registered placement for year 3 -6 pupils at risk of permanent exclusion. Pupils will attend their mainstream school for half days where they will continue to engage with the National Curriculum. Our nurture programme aims to develop pupils Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) as part of a short term programme. Pupils will engage in purposeful tasks, each with a rationale for the skills that pupils will have the opportunity to develop over their 2 terms on roll measured against the Boxall profile. The nurture programme varies it's theme each half term, however the skill development and order of the tasks remains consistent so that pupils have multiple opportunities to develop their SEMH skills.   

Find out more information here about the curriculum activities and structure of the day


Mission Progress

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