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Primary Nurture Curriculum 

The dual registered nurture programme is still available to schools as a 2 term placement for year 3 -6 pupils at risk of permanent exclusion. Pupils will attend their mainstream school for half days where they will continue to engage with the National Curriculum. Our dual registered nurture programme aims to develop pupils Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) as part of a short term programme. Pupils will engage in purposeful tasks, each with a rationale for the skills that pupils will have the opportunity to develop over their 2 terms on roll measured against the Boxall profile. The nurture programme varies it's theme each half term, however the skill development and order of the tasks remains consistent so that pupils have multiple opportunities to develop their SEMH skills.   

All other primary aged pupils on our academy roll attending our Barrow Hill site also benefit from a nurture curriculum in addition to their academic curriculum. All pupils engage in a nurture curriculum for half of their timetable as we believe that this is vital to their development.  

Find out more information here about the curriculum activities and structure of the day for nurture pupils


Mission Progress

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