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KS2 - Barrow Hill, High Peak


KS3 - Hasland, High Peak


KS4 - Hasland, High Peak

Curriculum Ambition

We aim to provide a stimulating and engaging curriculum, that recognises the individual needs of our young people, to better the life chances for all. Each key stage considers the current developmental needs of pupils, and is constructed to support transition and reintegration, whilst facilitating personal and social development.

Across our curriculum we intend to:

  • promote safety and wellbeing, including the promotion of healthy lifestyles

  • promote resilience and self-regulation within a nurturing and inclusive environment that affords young people the opportunity to reflect on their behaviour and make better choices

  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum, where subjects are equally valued and where the transfer of skills is encouraged

  • ensure that progress is continuous, and that assessment is used to ensure a pupil's readiness for the next stage or transition

  • recognise the importance of numeracy and literacy, promoting them through both subject and individually focussed delivery

  • provide high-quality Careers Education and Guidance, focussing on destinations and reintegration as a core measure for success, to ensure that pupils are fully prepared for transition, further education and employment

KS2 Intent

KS3 Intent

KS4 Intent

To specifically focus on helping young people to build core social skills and regulate their behaviour. 

To build on both the social and academic skills that young people need to successfully re-engage back into education and to prepare them positively for their next transition.

To prepare young people for further education opportunities and employment; setting them on a path to a positive destination.

KS2 Implementation

KS3 Implementation

KS4 Implementation

  • A blended curriculum offer

  • Academic study in the form of GCSEs and entry level qualifications

  • Vocational qualifications suitable to the needs and potential career pathway of the individual

  • Personal development supported by qualifications

  • CEIAG and employability skills development

  • Thematically organised learning across a broad range of curriculum subjects, with the aim of mastering transferable skills

  • Subjects act as the vehicle for the skills-based approach

  • Thematic projects (called missions) pull together subjects and skills, forming the platform for transfer of skills

  • Each mission is enriched by a 'destination', a offsite activity or visit which sets the scene for the project

  • Each mission is enriched by the study of thematically chosen literary text

  • A nurture curriculum, based upon the principles of play, communication and social development

  • Underpinned by the work of Boxall, and using the Boxall profile to inform the stages of development for individual pupils

KS2 Impact

KS3 Impact

KS4 Impact

Pupils are successfully reintegrated into their mainstream school and regulate their behaviour, avoiding permanent exclusion.

Local skills are supported to reintegrate and maintain positive behaviour, and the strategies used by NEDSC become practice in the mainstream school.

Pupils thrive in our KS3 curriculum; they engage with learning and learn to enjoy being in school.
Pupils have positive plans for their next phase of transition as they have developed their relevant social skills and ability to regulate their behaviour. They are prepared to move on to the challenges of KS4 study.

Pupils have secured the expected numeracy and literacy skills when they reach key transition points.

Pupils leave with the knowledge, skills and qualifications that take them on to a positive destination.

Pupils maintain a positive destination after leaving the school.

Pupils have secured the expected numeracy and literacy skills to successfully transition into the next stage of adult life.

Curriculum Policies:

Reading Strategy 2021-22

Reading Strategy 2021-22

Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG) Policy

Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG) Policy

Pupil Appeals Policy

Pupil Appeals Policy

Fair Assessment Policy

Fair Assessment Policy

Candidate Malpractice Policy

Candidate Malpractice Policy

Assessment Policy

Assessment Policy

ASDAN Specific Policies and Statements

ASDAN Specific Policies and Statements