North East Derbyshire support Centre (NEDSC) is a Pupil Referral Unit providing education for students who are at risk of permanent exclusion or who are permanently excluded. Our provision covers Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 across 4 sites. The provision across our sites is as follows:


KS3 and KS4 Provision


KS4 Provision


KS2 and KS3 Provision

Barrow Hill

KS2 Nuture Provision

Across our sites, we cater for a variety of need and ability; following an induction meeting we work with students and their parents to ascertain the most appropriate programme of study and intervention. Students join the centre at various stages of the school year, and prior learning is taken into consideration when determining a student's provision plan.

KS2 Nurture

At KS2 we offer a part-time Nuture Curriculum at Barrow Hill. The students are dual registered, attending their Primary school in the morning and our Barrow Hill site in the afternoon. The students follow a nuture programme which is largely based around play and creativity within a relaxed and safe environment; the nuture programme is used as a strategy to prevent permanent exclusion, focussing on respite, social development and interaction.

Information on the local authority's approach to nurture can be found here.

KS2 Curriculum

We also offer a part-time KS2 provision in the afternoon at Buxton. Students follow a combination of nurture and curriculum; students have access to a core offer of English, Maths IT and Art. 

KS3 Curriculum

At Buxton, the KS3 curriculum comprises of: Maths; English (including discreet reading sessions); PSHE; Art; Food Technology; Humanities; and Music. Students attend a boxing provision one morning per week which brings together physical education with discipline and tolerance. ICT is used across the curriculum.

At Hasland, the KS3 curriculum comprises of: Maths; English; Science; IT; Art; History; PSHE; Citizenship; Design Technology; Food Technology; and PE. For one morning a week, students also have access to Forest Schools, a model of outdoor education. More information regarding Forest Schools can be found here. Additionally, depending on need, students access bespoke group intervention activities.

KS4 Curriculum

Students at KS4 have access to a variety of programmes. Programmes may consist solely of centre-based academic study or a combination of centre-based academic study and additional alternative provision. Students attend KS4 centres for up to five days. When not at the centre their timetable is complimented by offsite alternative provision, suited to their needs and aspirations for the future.

At Hasland, the centre-based curriculum is comprised of: English; English Literature or Media depending on the level of ability and attainment of the student; Maths; Science; Geography; IT; PE; Art; and Food Technology.

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