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February 2022- Governance Arrangements for the North East Derbyshire Support Centre 

The North East Derbyshire Support Centre (NEDSC) local governance arrangements currently reside at Trust level. This means that governance related responsibilities and decision-making related to the support centre sits with the Esteem Multi- Academy Trust Board of Trustees.  The Trust Board meets regularly, and the key contacts with specific responsibilities for the support centre are detailed below; 


Kevin Dean - Lead Trustee for North East Derbyshire Support Centre 


Mark Emly  - Chair of the EMAT Trust Board


Christopher Griffin - Safeguarding Link Trustee

Contact details ;

Kevin Dean may be contacted via sending an email to the clerk to Trust Board at rbage@esteemmat.co.uk


Postal address; 

Kevin Dean

Lead Trustee for NEDSC

Esteem Multi-Academy Trust 

Suite 43 , Sherwood Park

Lake View Drive


NG15 0DT

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