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2022-23 Governance Arrangements for the North East Derbyshire Support Centre 

LGB as of September 2022 


also link governor for safeguarding and wellbeing 


VICE CHAIR: David Symons


David Symons

link governor for health and safety


Isabela Tatu

Link Governor for SEND, Equality and Diversity 


Elizabeth Hess

Link Governor for Careers

Janine Dix, Headteacher at NEDSC (

Andrew Brooks

staff governor (

Emma Kealey

Clerk to the LGB (

Please click here for more information on how we structure governance within our Trust, the remit of those in a governance role and our Scheme of Delegation  Governance | Esteem MAT. You will also find the Esteem MAT Articles of Association, Funding Agreement, our audited accounts and Annual Report. 


Parental Engagement Survey

Parental Engagement Survey

Dear Parent/Carer, Our team is gearing up for a new survey in which we'll be giving you the opportunity to express your opinion on parent...

Peer on Peer Abuse - Harmful Sexual Behaviours

Peer on Peer Abuse - Harmful Sexual Behaviours

Statement on Sexual Abuse in Schools from Esteem Multi-Academy Trust from the Trust's CEO, Julian Scholefield Esteem Multi Academy Trust...

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