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Parental Engagement Survey

Dear Parent/Carer,

Our team is gearing up for a new survey in which we'll be giving you the opportunity

to express your opinion on parent and carer engagement at Esteem Multi Academy

Trust and your overall confidence in the school’s strategy. Our goal is to open up a

communication channel where your voice is heard and organised in such a way that

we can create the best learning environment for your child. To help us with this, we're

working together with the Edurio survey platform.

To complete the survey, please click here:

Surveys are completely anonymous and confidential, though the responses will be

aggregated for the purpose of analysis. The survey will be available until 3rd April, so

please make sure to have your say and share your feedback over the next three


Your opinion and honesty are much appreciated. If you have any questions or

concerns please be in touch.

We look forward to your feedback!

Senior Leadership Team at North East Derbyshire Support Centre



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