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Peer on Peer Abuse - Harmful Sexual Behaviours

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Statement on Sexual Abuse in Schools from Esteem Multi-Academy Trust from the Trust's CEO, Julian Scholefield

Esteem Multi Academy Trust is deeply saddened to read the testimonies of the victims of sexual harassment and abuse that have been published as part of the Everyone’s Invited movement. Our thoughts are with those young people and the victims who have been able to tell their story.

We are committed to ensuring that all our young people can learn in schools that are safe. Our safeguarding practices are extensive and exemplary. We will not normalise or trivialise abusive behaviour.

All our staff are trained to respond to safeguarding concerns, including allegations against other young people. All our schools have specialist staff, with additional training and support to ensure that safeguarding is woven through every aspect of our schools and that all concerns are managed effectively and thoroughly.

Our curriculums are designed to support our young people to engage in healthy, respectful friendships and to understand that no means no.

Our culture ensures that young people can raise concerns and are supported; confident that they will be believed and acted upon without repercussion or adverse consequence.

We recognise the vulnerabilities of our young people and endeavour to ensure that we provide them with schools that are open, honest, inclusive, respectful, and supportive. We extend this commitment to our families and the communities we serve.

Julian Scholefield


Statement re Sexual Abuse in Schools 202
Download • 134KB

Peer on Peer Abuse - Support for Parents

Parents Protect (a project of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation) has developed an online child sexual abuse and exploitation awareness learning programme for parents, carers and professionals to help:

  • Understand potential risks

  • Recognise the signs of possible abuse in children

  • Be aware of inappropriate behaviour in adults

  • Know where to go for help if you have concerns and would like to talk about them


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