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Our Team

Leadership Team
Janine Dix
Head Teacher
Sarah Powell
School Business Manager
David Marlow 
Deputy Headteacher, (Quality of Education)
Debbie Beckett 
Assistant Headteacher (Bespoke Pathways and DSL) 
Melanie Stevenson
Assistant Headteacher (Nurture and Mental Health & Wellbeing Lead) 
Steve Sell
Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour & Attitudes) 
Karen Hayes
Director of Partnerships and Provisions 
Middle Leaders
Emma Davis
Head of Centre (Hasland)
Andrew Chambers
Assistant Site Lead (Hasland)
English Lead 
Sarah Grafton
PSD Lead 
Core Teachers

Alix Beaumont
Andrew Brooks
Jon Broomhead
Rachel Cass
Ellie Fairhall
Sophie Fox
Sam Hale
Charlotte Harris
Pat Johnson
Becky Keen
Justin Lowry
Sameera Alam

Teaching Assistants

Melanie Ashton
Zetty Bailey
Kate Black
Julie Brooks

Sara Casey
Jordan Collins
Charlie Cooke
Beth Cox
Jamie lee Dannatt

Jackie Keeton
Vicky Love
Kayla Lyons
Ellie Mae Massey
Paige Millington

Matt Neville
Leanne Holmes
Anne Northedge

Rebecca Mapley-Sims
Paige Millington
Sharon Robinson
Anna Slack

Rebecca Watkins
Amanda Wilson
Dan Wilson
Alicia Younger
Nyah Tilson
Anna Normansell

Work Experience Coordinator and Careers Lead

Geraint Brown

Business Services Assistants
Joanne Barnes 
Fiona Devine
Kirstie Fields
Kathryn Fowler
Jill Robertson
Sarah Searson

Premises Manager

Gary Dawkins 

Midday Learning Support Assistant

Yvonne Beresford

Online Learning Support Assistant
Steve Booker

Pastoral Officers

Alisha Cope
Vikki Donson
Olivia Leaney
Parental Engagement Survey

Parental Engagement Survey

Dear Parent/Carer, Our team is gearing up for a new survey in which we'll be giving you the opportunity to express your opinion on parent...

Peer on Peer Abuse - Harmful Sexual Behaviours

Peer on Peer Abuse - Harmful Sexual Behaviours

Statement on Sexual Abuse in Schools from Esteem Multi-Academy Trust from the Trust's CEO, Julian Scholefield Esteem Multi Academy Trust...

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